Wand - Android Mobile Idle Game

 Project Wand was created by a team from Columbia College Chicago. Though it wasn’t fully finished and it was meant as a prototype idle game in which you as a wizard fought up hallway after hallway to reclaim your wizard tower, taken by an evil dragon.

On this project I worked as the Project Lead, keeping track of progress of work and the people working on the game. I also acted as an animator, for magic attacks that didn’t end up in the final build as well as environmental designer creating the background and some of the UI.

Itch.io Page

The Team:

  • Alija Maurer- Character Artist, Dragon Audio

  • Cameron Hargrave- Lead Sound Designer

  • Cole Bonnema- Programmer

  • Robert Sandoval- Designer, Artist

  • Steven Fisher- Designer

  • Zoey Reyes- Project Lead, Designer, Artist

Help From:

  • David Beaudoin- Programming Consultant

  • Mia Johnson- Female Wizard Audio

  • Shawn Miller- Male Wizard Audio

  • Jeremy Blake- Music 'The Emperor's Army'