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 Created for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4

Game download is currently unavailable due to some minor code issues and the inability to upload during game jam judging.

Github: https://github.com/TheQuestCrafter/Wingman/

I worked on this game as an artist and designer, focusing on UI, sound design and balancing. We had quite a lot of stuff to do on the UI this time around and making it all fit and work was a big part of my job. Since the game is a matching game we wanted to make sure that it that it had a fair amount of difficulty and so adding an overall timer and score system was a must. I also think interactivity added in some circumstances makes the sometimes mundane, moderately more interesting and so I added the ability to look at the art of our team to the Credits menu.

UI Design 1.PNG
Timer UI.PNG

I also worked number balancing quite a lot in the time we had. We had to create some minor delays in the loading screen so that the spawning could all happen in reasonable manner without overloading the information on screen. There was also the issue of the NPCs that roamed around certain areas. Being that the game had 3 types of these NPCs, they each needed to work in different ways and be balanced as to not make an area too difficult. Red shirt NPCs were made to halt movement of the player, green shirt were meant to actively move to block and impede the players movement but could still be pushed around, and blue shirt NPCs were just meant to wander randomly and while they do offer resistance they are easily moved. Often times in some of the smaller or tighter areas the green or red enemies would become too many or could too easily ruin a perfect run of the game and I had to tweak and work out the best spawn rates to still give a challenge but not make it impossible.